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Let's build a better nonprofit sector for the goodof all

Our country is at a turning point, and so is the nonprofit sector.

The disparate economic and social fallout from COVID-19 and the widespread reckoning with racial justice have put a spotlight on many long-standing issues with philanthropy and the way nonprofits work. We cannot avoid these problems any longer.

Instead, nonprofits across the country are coming together to sign The Nonprofit Impact Pledge. As we do, we’re making a set of commitments to the people and communities we serve to create a better nonprofit sector, for the good of all. And we’re asking our funders and supporters to make a similar set of commitments alongside us. 

We’ll spend 2021 more deeply exploring each one of these commitments, so that as a sector we can determine the actionable ways we will turn them from statements to reality.

Will you join us?

Nonprofit Impact Pledge (3)

why take

the pledge?

As our country starts down the long road toward recovery from a tumultuous 2020, demand for our services continues to grow, resources continue to shrink, and outmoded systems and ways of thinking seem determined to keep our impact small. It has never been more challenging to run and sustain an effective nonprofit organization, but it has also never been more important, and we will rise up in the face of these challenges.
That is why we take this pledge.
- The Nonprofit Impact Pledge

Pledge Signers

what are the

10 Commitments?

The 10 commitments in The Nonprofit Impact Pledge are simply 10 promises nonprofits are making to the people and communities we serve as we look toward a new future for the sector. Funders are making their own, similar set of commitments to the nonprofits they support.

See a preview of some of the commitments here.

Commitment 1

We will collaborate, not compete.

Commitment 4

We will do our part to foster healthy relationships between nonprofits, donors and funders.

Commitment 7

We will ensure we are known among and accessible to those who need our services and those who can support our work.

Commitment 2

We will be guided by our mission, vision and values.

Commitment 5

We will have a plan, and we will know when to re-evaluate it.


Commitment 8

We will prioritize our staff and volunteers.

Commitment 10

We will prioritize action over intention.

Commitment 3

We will center equity and racial justice in our work.

Commitment 6

We will ensure the people and communities we work with have the power to shape our priorities.

Commitment 9

We will redefine what success looks like and hold ourselves accountable to our communities.


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Who is behind

The Nonprofit Impact Pledge?

The Nonprofit Impact Pledge was organized by Prosper Strategies in collaboration with a group of passionate, forward-thinking nonprofits who wanted to publicly double down on their commitment to create a better nonprofit sector for the good of all. As we began working on the Pledge, it became apparent that nonprofits cannot make the commitments within it alone. They need alignment from their funders, donors and supporters to make the commitments possible. We therefore collaborated with a group of funders to develop a funder version of the pledge, as well, where funders make a similar set of commitments to the nonprofits they support. Initial signers include organizations like OneGoal, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Metropolitan Chicago, First Graduate, Arrowleaf, Impact America, Faith in Place, AIDS Foundation Chicago, Alleghenies Unlimited Care Providers, Inc., and Comer Education Campus.